We treat the following conditions when related to functional problems of the neck, back and shoulder.


Athletes are always looking for an edge to increase their athletic performance.  The true competitive athlete pushes the envelope daily to maximize every nuance of his physical competency.  Poorly understood by most athletes, their own bodies can hold them back when biomechanical faults or abnormalities of postural effect them.  Such problems can arise from old injuries or developmental problems.   Repetitive injuries and the inability to make gains are often connected to faulty human mechanics. 

We enjoy working with athletes to access their strengths and weaknesses in order to help them perform in an enhanced, pain free manner.  We evaluate fixation and contractures of muscular tissue, asynchronous muscle strength and flexibility, weakness derived from old injuries, abnormality of leg length, loss of joint movement, fixation of spinal or pelvic components, gait disturbance or other conditions that may make ones body less proficient and less strong in pursuing goals of athletic performance.

Muscle, joint, tendon or ligament injuries resulting from extreme effort must be resolved in a timely fashion become they become chronic and disabling. (Please read the section on Suzanne Laburt and see how we approached the treatment of one of our patient athletes.) 


Chronic conditions such as shin splints, hip pointers, back strain or other reoccurring pain centered anywhere in the body usually signals postural or mechanical faults with the athlete that need to be investigated and resolved.  Imbalances in bone length, muscular power, flexibility or the engineering of ones body mechanics will create areas where the body is highly stressed thus allowing for chronic and reoccurring pain or strain in that area.  To treat such conditions without investigating the body mechanics involved is basically to ignore the problem.


Acute or fresh injuries must be treated appropriately to insure the fastest healing with the minimum possibility of forming excessive scar tissue.  Chronic or fresh injuries if handled incorrectly can form significant scar tissue which will produce muscular and fibrous adhesions with loss of flexibility, power and integrity.  Such areas will become easily re-torn.  Ultrasound, refraining from excess stretching and other techniques are required for proper healing.

During the treatment phase good dialog between the injured sports player, doctor and coach is important.  Often injuries will bring about a situation where the athlete becomes alienated from the coach or the coach from the athlete due to miss perceptions of the severity of the injury, poor communication, etc.  Our office often dialogs directly with coaching staff and trainers.  We have helped a variety of high performance athletes: crew, pitchers, runners, weight lifters, wrestlers, tennis players, etc..


Suzanne LaBurt, outstanding marathon runner, could not compete from 1992 to 1996 due to chronic pain.  After almost 3 years of unsuccessful medical, orthopedic and chiropractic care for back, hip and leg pain, Suzanne came to our office.  Her examination revealed abnormal body mechanics that produced strain each time she ran. Her gait was out of balance and she had a difference in leg length. Her recovery required changes to her corrective orthotics, individualized therapies and a tailored exercise program.  Suzanne is now pain free and back to winning races.

Suzanne Laburt
If you're an athlete that takes your sport seriously and want the true edge that can only be received by a body functioning at 100%.  Chiropractic orthopedics and a biomechanical evaluation can benefit you greatly. 
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