We treat the following conditions when related to functional problems of the neck, back and shoulder.


Unfortunately, problems in the neck/shoulder or back/hip can also effect the lower arm or leg due to pinching of nerves.  Deep aching nerve pain or numbness may develop which travels into the elbow/forearm/hand or hip/leg/foot.   Arm or leg problems may result when neuralgia (nerve pain) and neuritis (nerve inflammation) occur.  Carpal tunnel and reflex sympathetic dystrophy may result.  ( Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, RSD for short, is a condition where nerves become irritated and function poorly affecting blood flow to an arm/hand or leg/foot.  This condition has now been renamed Multiple Pain Syndrome and is often related to pinched spinal nerves.)   Numbness can be the major complaint.  Usually such problems as sciatica, neuritis, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, carpal tunnel, and others cannot be successfully treated by focusing on the area of swelling or pain alone. 

These conditions often involve compression of spinal nerves either at the spine or in areas outside the spine as they are transmitted down the shoulder/arm or hip/leg.  To achieve complete  resolution of these syndromes, treatment must often encompass both

specialized therapies to increase blood flow to the area of complaint and adjustments of the spine and extremities to reduce spinal nerve compression to allow for normal nerve transmission to the area.  We have had good success in dealing with RSD.

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