We treat the following conditions when related to functional problems of the neck, back and shoulder.


Severe leg pain radiating from the back or buttock and traveling to the thigh, calf or foot apply describes this common and often debilitating problem.  Leg numbness and tingling may accompany pain. Sciatica may develop with sudden, severe onset or more chronically over many days or weeks.  Due to its many causes sciatica is a complex complaint requiring expert care and diagnosis.  Sciatica may be brought about by any combination of low back pathologies including disc deterioration or disc herniation, arthritic complaints, abnormal alignment of vertebrae, spinal joint irritation, ligamentous scarring and/or enlargement, spinal narrowing, direct nerve injury or over stretching of a nerve, or a host of other conditions that must be carefully evaluated to determine the underlying cause for sciatica so that a suitable treatment plan, correction and relief can be given. 

With 9 years of focused training in the diagnosis and treatment of back conditions our care is generally very beneficial.  We will gladly refer you for MRI in indicated and work with any other doctors you are seeing.. 

One of the treatments that we find most effective in dealing with sciatic pain is our motorized traction table.  This table allows the patient to be stretched very gently and comfortably over a 15 minute treatment cycle when force is gradually applied and released to the lumbar spine allowing for separation and opening of the delicate nerves, joints and tissues.  This allows for decompression of the sciatic nerve in many cases and can alleviate sciatic pain.  If you would like more information on our services or facilities please contact us for an in office consultation or by phone.  No charge is ever made for this service. 


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