We treat the following conditions when related to functional problems of the neck, back and shoulder.


The visual, hearing and balance  mechanisms of the human body are intimately associated with the positioning of the vertebrae in the upper neck vertebrae (spinal bones).  This can easily be understood when one realizes that the base of the brain does not end at the base of the skull. The brain stem itself actually extends downward into the upper two cervical vertebrae which are much enlarged inside to accommodate the brainstem.  This delicate brain stem area houses many centers for respiration, balance, heart beat, hearing and visual mechanisms. 

Accidents  involving whiplash or other trauma may injure the spine or brain stem.  Arthritis or postural distortion of the spine may also compress or irritate spinal mechanisms in the brain stem.  Dr. Ruth Jackson, former head of the Texas School of Orthopedics, speaks of the damage done in whiplash  and other accidents and the variety of disturbances that may result.  In her book, The Cervical Syndrome, in which she writes of her studies with thousands of accident victims, she finds that double vision, hearing, speech and swallowing difficulties, balance problems, tinnitus and other symptoms rapidly begin when misalignment of cervical vertebrae occurs in an injury fashion. 

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle or other  accident, or have simply begun to experience symptoms possibly related to the misalignment of upper cervical vertebrae, we will be happy to evaluate you to determine if there is a possibility that cervical misalignment could be a factor in your symptom complex.  Lastly, let me say that chiropractic care is never a substitute for full medical work-up and treatment of serious health conditions.  Chiropractic care may bring improvement but is an adjunct to such care.


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