Osteoarthritis (the wear and tear type) is a condition that can effect many joints of the body to varying degree.  The word arthritis from Latin terminology simply means swelling of the joint.  However, with time and repetitive swelling calcification of the joint can develop.  Arthritis and joint strain usually evolves due to abnormal biomechanical stresses.  Our human frame may be out of kilter when one leg is shortened or other abnormalities of posture exist.   Knock or bowed knees, flat feet, scoliosis, weak or contracted muscles, joint injuries, limited movement and other mechanical faults stress and bodies.  These will ultimately create strain and re-strain of an area.  Similarly, repetitive stress in sports related functions such as pitching, bowling or contact sports can strain a joint. 

Irrespective of the underlying stressors that have made a joint inflamed or that may lead to arthritis, one must take steps to resolve them.  Appropriate treatment to the arthritic joint which may involve dietary changes, vitamin supplementation, herbal remedies, ultrasound, ice packs, heat packs, stretch, massage and rehabilitational exercise.  Diagnosing and correcting faulty human mechanics can reduce the stress and pain of inflamed and arthritic joints at any age.

Rheumatoid, psoriatic, sclerodermal, calcifying spondylitis of the spine and a variety of other types of arthritis are related to abnormal attack of our own immune systems, producing tissue swelling that eventually calcifies to form arthritis and scars.  Although various physical therapies may help to loosen tissue and provide some relief, they are of little long-term benefit. 

The only real help I have experienced in such patients is a radical change of diet  coupled with supplementation with various natural vitamins, herbs and food compounds from plant sources that act as strong natural anti-inflamatories.  Such intervention can have a strong and lasting effect if the regimen is strictly adhered to.  I am always available to help any arthritis sufferer with information about dietary changes.

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