People don't have repeated strains of a body part for no reason.  Something about the mechanics of the area creates strain.  If we find and correct the strain we stop the pain.  If we don't we wear our.  Often at a very early age.  Such postural strains usually start in childhood and worsen through the years.

The chiropractic orthopedist is a new type of specialist with four years of chiropractic school and five years of chiropractic orthopedic study.  The chiropractic orthopedist is an expert in human engineering and specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of joint, muscular and spinal complaints anywhere in the body that produce pain and impairment to the spine and related areas.  He or she is expert in the diagnosis and treatment of acute, chronic and sports injuries of children, adults and seniors.

This specialist uses conservative methods to treat such problems.  Treatment might include specialized testing, various therapies, orthotics or bracing, creating a tailored exercise program, spinal or joint stretches, adjustments and a variety of other methods.  We do not use medication or surgery.  We understand that most acute injuries are tissue tears that must be handled expertly to heal well and that most chronic body pain stems from postural and mechanical faults of the human body.  We find and correct such problems to provide lasting relief and prevent or minimize arthritis.  Our care is extremely effective in the care of; headaches, scoliosis, sciatica, disc and spinal problems, nerve pain, joint and muscular complaints.   Joint pain especially of long standing, in the jaw, hip, knee, shoulder, feet or other structures, is commonly the result of human mechanical problems.

A human body is a complex machine composed of a rigid skeleton, muscular pulleys, movable joints and connective tendons and ligaments.  Imbalances and stress of these systems brought about by abnormal development, postural faults and injuries can pre-dispose us to injury or prevent us from healing following injury.  Faulty mechanics may prevent us from achieving our maximum goals of athletic performance.  A few examples may include: 

*The postman who develops a lower back and buttock strain due to a chronically sore knee which affects the way he walks. 

*A pitcher with chronic shoulder complains whos restriction in the elbow, back or neck muscles is producing his constant shoulder strain.

*An individual going through life with severe headaches or back pain never realizing that distortion in the mechanics or positioning of spinal posture was creating excessive muscular tension, stress and pain to the symptomatic region.  

*The long distance runner with flat feet causing a slight shifting of his gait which transfers stress to the hip limited his mileage and ability to compete.

*The child that develops scoliosis as the spine curves more and more over time while a tilted pelvis or short leg which unlevels the spine goes undiagnosed because the proper x-rays and examination was never performed. 

*The carpal tunnel sufferer using an improper brace and incorrect therapy with secondary sites of nerve compression in the shoulder or neck.

Obviously, treating the site of complaint alone without accessing body postures and mechanics is inadequate.  The role of the chiropractic orthopedist is to assess human mechanics by looking at the entire person, to correct problems through various conservative means, to maximize human performance and prevent the deterioration of our bodies that occurs over the years as we continue to abnormally stress them.


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