Spinal, shoulder, chest, TMJ, disc and other injuries may result from even low speed motor vehicle accidents.  Numerous studies have shown that the forces on the occupant of a damaged vehicle can be five times the force to the vehicle.  Although discs are sometimes herniated in the spine during auto accidents, slip and falls and other injuries, this is just one form of damage that may occur to the spine.  More often ligaments in the spine are torn and these injuries are seldom seen without specialized testing.  Unfortunately, these tests are seldom done by most doctors.  In our offices we have years of training and the latest treatment and diagnostic techniques to determine injury. We also use such testing as Video Fluoroscopy to look for torn spinal ligaments.  We will refer you to a specialist when needed, obtain testing and provide documentation of our findings for insurance companies and attorneys.

Following a motor vehicle accident, the injured party has one year to file a claim for injuries and three years to obtain legal representation.  Unfortunately, many doctors treating whiplash injury victims have little experience in treatment or dealing with insurance requirments.  If you would like to discuss your case or injuries, we would be most happy to consult with you by phone or in person without charge.


Injury cases require excellent care, excellent reporting and through/timely testing; MRI, Videoflouroscopy, EMG, etc..  They may require specialist referral and findings must be relayed in an understandable fashion. Ligament tears are common in whiplash injuries.  MRI seldom reveals them.  Videoflouroscopy and stress x-rays do.  Such injuries can be permanent and impairing.

Dr. Hargis has for many years, been interested in the care and evaluation of injury victims.  In this regard, he brings a high level of knowledge and experience to the assessment of each and every invdividual.  If you would like a copy of two articles recently written by Dr. Hargis and concerning spinal trauma you may contact our office.


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