We believe in the part played by adequate nutrition, good vitamin supplementation and the usage of herbs for certain conditions.  Lately, there has been much commentary on the importance of vitamins and herbs.   We are trained to dispense appropriate vitamins and herbs and counsel you on general topics of nutrition appropriate to the healing of your injures and the optimization of  body function and sport endeavors.

Certain vitamins or herbs may enhance the cardiovascular system, re-vitalize your energy, decrease anxiety and depression, reduce migraine headaches and severe lower back pain, decrease symptoms of PMS, enhance blood flow, reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer's and forgetfulness, increase gastrointestinal function and libido, and perform other minor miracles in a safe and well tolerated fashion.

If you look around you today you will find that many of your friends and acquaintances are becoming progressively ill.  In our region of the Mid-Hudson, cancer abounds.  This is due to the pollution of our waterways, airways and soil.  Numerous studies have pointed to the effectiveness of vitamins in reducing and preventing cancer progression,  cardiovascular disease and a list of other illnesses.   We feel that such supplementation can be an important adjunct to our care. 


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