Our ability to move freely, to flex and rotate our spines in any direction, is the result of a healthy spine.  In the healthy spine, individual spinal bones (or vertebrae) move freely.   Spinal bones can become fixed and poorly aligned however due to injuries or stress from abnormal spinal posture.   Misalignments of the spinal bones is a lot like misaligned teeth.  Crooked teeth are held in place by strong tissues that must be stretched to allow for proper repositioning.  Misaligned vertebrae are held by similar tissue.  Therefore just as the dentist must stretch the gums with braces the chiropractor must stretch spinal tissue to allow for better alignment of the spine.  This process of stretching spinal muscles, ligaments and disc tissue can be achieved quickly in some cases but may take longer when vertebrae have been out of place for some time. 

Correcting spinal subluxations is very important for a number of reasons.  Vertebrae which are stressed or fixed create local spinal pain and spasm.  Over time the spine will wear and arthritis will result.  In addition such sites are centers for abnormal spinal strain and can facilitate disc rupture.  Accelerated wear of the spine due to spinal misalignment will produce spinal nerve compression as arthritic spurs, swelling of tissues and decay of discs occur.  Nerve compression affects blood flow to arms and legs and can affect organ function, influencing general health problems.  (Please refer to the sections on Spinal Subluxation, Spinal Degeneration and Organ Function.)  


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