In the spine there are 24 moveable and delicate spinal bones or vertebrae that actually act as the central support mechanism or the body and torso.  These 24 vertebrae are separated by a flexible disc.  The disc acts as a shock absorber allowing movement in each vertebra.  Because each tiny vertebra in the neck, mid back and lower back can move a few degrees, we can deeply bend, flex and twist our neck and  back to accomplish a wide variety of of motions in our daily lives.  However, injuries or growth abnormalities of the spine can produce misalignment of one or more spinal vertebrae.   When vertebrae are displaced the chiropractor calls this a subluxation.  Subluxations unlike tooth decay are out of sight and often out of mind.  That is until you bend over to pick up a pencil, cough, sneeze, lift something heavy or wake up in the morning unable to turn your neck or move your lower back.  Spinal subluxations are important.  Vertebrae that are left out of place greatly stress and irritate spinal discs, joints and muscle tissue.  Over time the stressed joints become arthritic and the discs deteriorate.  As discs collapse and arthritis worsens spinal nerves become pinched. Spinal pain becomes more intense.  Less spinal motion is possible.  Spasm of the regional muscles occurs creating chronic neck, mid back or low back attacks. 

Nerves which supply the arms, legs, face, chest or other regions may become inflamed as decaying spinal vertebrae begin to compress or pinch them.  These spinal nerves travel to all parts of the body.  Spinal nerves which help to control the function of all the major organs and blood vessels can loose their ability to fully direct the organs they supply. Organ malfunction can follow as nerve impulses and blood flow are diminished to the area. (Please refer to the section on organ function.)   It is therefore extremely important to have spinal check-ups and to have spinal care when spinal subluxations are found.

At the Warwick office you will find expert doctors who perform thorough examinations and who will honestly tell you if spinal care is needed.  If we find that our care is indicated we will give you the most effective treatment indicated to re-establish proper spinal alignment and spinal function.


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