The anatomotor is a wonderful device to stretch and realign spinal tissue especially in seniors who have arthritic changes and cannot tolerate spinal adjustments.  The gentle rolling mechanism of the table is coupled with heat and vibration to gently, stretch, roll and maneuver vertebrae thus reducing scar tissue and arthritic deposit formations.  This allows for renewed flexibility, strength and comfort of the spine.  Treatment periods vary from 6 to 12 minutes.  This is a very safe and well tolerated therapy.


Muscle stimulation is an electrical therapy which is used to reduce muscle spasm.  It does this by stimulating these muscles to contract and then relax when as mild electric stimulus flows through the muscle tissue.  This therapy often coupled with hot packs is a relaxing and effective means of reducing muscle spasm and painful restrictions of the spine.  This therapy often coupled with gentle adjustments of the back can help end the cycles of severe back spasms that many individuals experience.  This therapy is not only safe and well tolerated but actually most comfortable.


Hot packs are used in conjunction with massage and other forms of therapy to relax muscle tissue.  We usually place our hot packs in special wraps to gently transfer deep heat to the tissues for ten minutes or so before massage or other types of therapy are performed if the patient's condition requires such therapy. 


Various types of massage are performed in the office, both for the spine and related areas.  Very often, massage is of a deep, stripping nature, appropriate to very deep and ingrained muscle disturbances.  At other times, massage is extremely light and gentle, depending on the tolerance and needs of the patient.  Massage can be very helpful in stretching old sites of injury which may have scarred or in relaxing key muscle groups to allow for improved function of an area.


Braces, supports and wraps are used for our patients when they have experienced muscular, ligament, joint or tendon damage and need support during their rehabilitational period.  This allows for more rapid healing of muscle tissue and quicker response to treatment.  In addition to formulating wraps and braces in the office we have a large supply and variety of in stock braces and supports on hand to fit most sizes and areas of body injury.  We are always happy to make a special order for our patients if necessary


We mold podiatric grade orthotics and have them formulated at a podiatric laboratory for conditions related to foot, leg and lower back distress.  In this manner, we often find ourselves treating such conditions as calcaneal fascitis, bunions, arch strains, hammer toes and other conditions which stress and unlevel the lower extremities and spine. 

Orthotics, (prescription shoe inserts), are usually most effective in relieving and improving such problems.  However not all orthotics work.  Many are molded improperly and many are too uncomfortable to wear.  A good orthotic must be supportive enough to correct or support the functional problem such as cacaneal fascitis, (heel spur), and be comfortable at the same time.  The chiropractic orthopedist prescribes orthotics to stabilize the lower back and correct mechanical problems of the lower extremities. In our office we use podiatric grade orthotics which are formed from an individual plaster mold taken of the patient's foot.  This is the old fashioned method of making orthotics and in my opinion still the best method.


We have various classes on rehabilitational exercise and individual instruction for our patients.   Our doctors assess the patients and their needs in terms of weakened muscles and the need to strengthen certain areas and then formulate tailored exercise plans for them.  Receiving chiropractic or any other form of care without accessing flexibility and muscle strength is likely to be of little long-term benefit. 


Our morning yoga classes are designed to stretch and strengthen spinal tissue and to provide our patients with a new degree of ease and well being in all their daily movements.  Yoga classes are approximately one hour in length and focus both on strength, flexibility and meditational aspects of healing.


We have x-ray facilities at both offices, both of which employ the latest techniques and means of reducing radiation consumption to our patients. Although x-rays are not routinely used in every case, they are available if needed in serious cases when a deeper understanding of the structure and mechanics of an injury area is needed. 


We have a complete line of vitamins and herbs appropriate to the musculo-skeletal conditions that we treat and to the conditions of many of our patients.  We prescribe such supplements as needed to insure that our patients will experience their most rapid and best response to treatment.  We also encourage the use of herbs and vitamins as a means of supplementing our food which is grown on nutrient deficient land and our diets which are very often inadequate.  Pollution of our air, water, food and homes is yet another reason for maintaining optimum vitamin intake and the use of herbs to detoxify our bodies.  Many of the supplements we advocate have been found effective in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions including; neuritis/neuralgia, headache, PMS, hot flashes, painful/cramping menstruation, osteoporosis, gout, sciatica, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disorders, psoriasis, depression, loss of sleep, lack of energy, mental confusion and Alzheimer's, weight loss, sexual function and a host of other conditions.


We provide pillows, braces, supports and other devices to our patients to stabilize injured and irritated body parts, which allows them to make the most rapid recoveries. 


Ultrasound therapy is a high frequency sound wave generating approximately 1 million cycles per second.  The effect of sound waves through muscles are similar to that as a pebble thrown through water.   The waves passing through muscle tissue generate a mechanical effect upon body tissues and promote rapid re-absorption of inflammatory products, transfer of tissue repair proteins and a more rapid movement of the healing process.

In areas of scar tissue, ultrasound can actually soften and lift old scarring.  In areas where there is an accumulation of calcium, such as in calcified bursitis and arthritis, ultrasound can act as a disrupting force to reabsorb and lift calcium concentrations.  Due to its effectiveness in greatly increasing the speed of healing,  ultrasound is used by all the major sport teams and its athletes to significantly reduce their downtime and to return the athlete to competition.  Using dye studies to access the depth of ultrasound action experiments have revealed that ultrasound can penetrate to a depth of four to five inches deep within damaged tissue.  In spite of its effectiveness ultrasound is completely safe to use when performed correctly.


Traction is a gentle and well tolerated stretching mechanism which is able to stretch any level of the spine in an accordion style gently over a 9-12 second cycle stretch.  The treatment period is approximately 12-15 minutes, so one receives about 90 gentle stretches during this period of time.  Forces can be dialed into the traction mechanism appropriate to the area of treatment and to the patient receiving treatment.  Herniated discs in the neck may be stretched at a poundage of approximately 20-40 pounds.  Herniated discs in the lower back may be stretched at a poundage of 100-200 lbs., depending upon the size of the individual and their tolerance.  By gently stretching the spine over time, herniated disc material, old scar tissue lesions, compressed nerve roots and other damaged structures can gently be stretched and realigned into position without the dramatic and forceful effect of a spinal manipulation.  The technique is extremely safe.  Please see the section on disc herniation and traction.

Traction is especially useful for patients with arthritic spines, trapped nerves, spondylolesthesis, spinal canal stenosis and other abnormalities of the back or neck that do not respond well to spinal adjustments.  See these topics on our web page in more detail.

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